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security robot patrol for shops pulls no punches with giant metal fists & machine water guns

May 22, 2023May 22, 2023

It might not be the best idea to piss off a security robot tank while it is at work. Chinese craftsman Handy Geng assembled a real-life transformer by hand (yes, everything is DIY) that guards stores with its mechanical life and is equipped with life-saving features to help it take home the Employee of the Year award. The robot came to life thanks to Handy Geng’s uncle. He paid the tech craftsman a visit one day, and Handy Geng told him that if he wanted, he could watch over his workshop when he would be out. His uncle thought it was a good idea, but was worried about the security problem. Lo and behold, Handy Geng didn’t just hire a security guard. He built one from scratch in his workshop ala humanoid tank machine.

Safe to say that the uncle was satisfied and that the robot’s presence sorted out his worries. The security robot seamlessly moves around places with its continuous tracks made of steel plates that give it a military-ready look and a steady stance. His mechanical arms can punch a burglar easily, pocketed inside space rocket-launcher gauntlets. Two water guns in the shape of mini machine guns sit atop the arms, ready to fire water that can spray over long distances. The security robot’s frame is made of metal to guard itself against physical harm and bullet strays, and to make it friendly looking, Handy Geng tops the security robot with two LED lights that act as its doe eyes.

video screenshots courtesy of Handy Geng

In the video, Handy Geng seemingly floats in the air, but that’s because the seating of the security robot is attached to its metal frame. It cocoons the pilot’s back to give them comfort and prevent them from tipping over. To continue the transformer style, the tech craftsman soldered the metal panels until they covered the entire cockpit, hiding it in plain sight so only the pilot can see it. Glancing at the control station, two levers are installed: pushing them forward makes the robot walk and pulling them makes it reverse, and using only one of them allows the continuous tracks to wheel the robot left or right and make the turns easy to navigate.

Handy Geng installed the mechanism where by clicking a button, the robot can spin 360 degrees. Aside from its features, the security robot guarding Handy Geng’s workshop oozes steampunk vibes. The tech craftsman didn’t paint the robot with anything, showing off its natural body parts and discoloration process. It also gives the security tank machine a menacing look, albeit the use of LED lights that blast off ultra-luminous lighting for night patrolling, to fend off anyone who attempts to break into Handy Geng’s workshop. The tech craftsman’s uncle was satisfied being the security robot’s buddy in Geng’s workshop, and together, they make sure no one dares to steal from him.

the security robot can punch with its mechanical arms

the round LED lights blast off ultra-luminous lighting for night patrolling

two water guns sit above the mechanical arms

the security robot wheels around in continuous tracks

rear view of the robot that was built from scratch

command station that controls the robot