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Hole puncher features power

Aug 07, 2023Aug 07, 2023

Hougen Mfg. has introduced the Hougen®-Ogura® model 75006PR electrohydraulic hole puncher. Its lightweight, single-body construction allows the operator to punch holes in steel in as little as 4 sec., the company states.

The power retractable punch system allows the user to power-reverse the punch out of the hole if needed. This can help improve productivity in hard, elastic materials that tend to grip the punch after the hole is produced.

The unit uses electrical power to operate the motor and the self-contained hydraulic system. No additional hydraulic pumps or hoses are needed. It delivers 26.9 tons of punching pressure to punch round holes up to 0.9375 in. dia. and oblong holes up to 0.6875 by 0.8125 in. The maximum material thickness is 0.5 in. The unit can punch holes in flat bar, H-steel, angle iron, and channel.