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Tommy Fury, Logan Paul, KSI: Who has the highest punch machine score?

Jun 11, 2023Jun 11, 2023

KSI, Tommy Fury and Logan Paul have all launched boxing careers, but only one hits the hardest

KSI, Tommy Fury and Logan Paul have been making short careers in the boxing ring, and have all had a go at the infamous punch machine. All three fighters are preparing for upcoming fights, and we have taken a look at their raw power on the punch machine.

KSI and Paul have made their careers having made the switch from their hugely successful YouTube careers having fought in two high-profile fights. Both fighters have since levelled up their careers, with Paul competing against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, while KSI fought Joe Fournier and is set to step in with rival Fury.

Fury initially competed in the traditional boxing ranks fighting the likes of Daniel Bocianski as he looked to lay the foundations to fighting at British level, but recently made the leap to the influencer world fighting Logan's brother Jake. He will next take on KSI in October and is hoping to end the trend of social media stars in boxing for good.

All three fighters have shown natural power in the boxing ring, with only Paul yet to have won by KO in their careers, and they have all tried their luck against the arcade punch machine. But there was only one winner who posted a superb score.

'The Nightmare' has had a significant impact on the influencer version of the sport, having revived his career several years on from beating Paul after a break to make music. He has since launched his promotional label Misfits Boxing which has had huge success on streaming service DAZN, and has seen him fight on some huge nights in the UK.

KSI made history on his return night beating two fighters in one night including professional boxer Luis Pineda, which revived his path to a shot at bitter rival Jake Paul. He then took on FaZe Temperrr and won with an emphatic KO, before ousting ex-professional boxer Fournier in the first round, but the result was later overturned.

The British YouTube sensation has had multiple encounters with the infamous arcade game, including before his boxing career took off. He took on ex-rival Paul, who he fought twice, when the pair were sat down for an interview with DAZN ahead of Jake Paul's fight with AnEson Gib.

KSI stepped up to the machine and landed a shot which scored in the 750 region which was later beaten by Paul which will be included later in the article. It is certainly not the only time that KSI has decided to brave it however as he also took it on for a Prime commercial jokingly scoring 620.

However, he then took a swig of his energy drink and scored significantly higher at 793, before he shouted "drink Prime" as an appearing benefit from the beverage. The Watford-born star also competes on his own punch machine, but the score is not well represented as it regularly lands over four-figures.

But in a more realistic high-score, KSI completed on a shoot with his YouTube group Sidemen and hit a high score of 936. He clearly has KO power and technique in the influencer scene and is considered a leader of the rankings alongside the Paul brothers.

YouTube star Paul was part of the original boom in influencer boxing, forming an epic rivalry with KSI with their first fight ending in a draw in the amateurs. Their illustrious rematch was the first of a kind and generated huge interest, but despite competing on home shores he lost to a tough split decision in a professional contest.

However, in an incredible opportunity for 'The Maverick', he was thrust into a huge exhibition fight with boxing legend Mayweather which he managed to survive in until the final bell. He celebrated wildly with his achievements despite really struggling to land any significant blows against one of the greatest to ever wear a pair of gloves.

It is expected that Paul will finally make a return to the boxing ring this year having announced his appearance on a Misfits Boxing card headlined by KSI and Fury in October. His opponent has yet to be confirmed, but unconfirmed reports have suggested it could be MMA fighter Dillon Danis with an announcement pending.

Paul has a significant size advantage over KSI, so it would be understood if he possessed more power but was surprisingly the more powerful hitter when the pair came head-to-head several years ago. He stepped up and hit 848 which trumped KSI's score on the night.

He was extremely happy after an underwhelming score on his first attempt, and was delighted to have won given the outcome of their two previous boxing fights. It was not the only time Paul had released footage of himself landing on a punch machine, but it certainly came with a consequence.

He scored 907 while on holiday in Germany after six attempts at the machine which were not publicised, but he later discovered he had sustained significant damage to his hand. Paul revealed on the post with the video that he had severe swelling on his hand and was forced to have surgery which put a 40mm screw in his hand to fix it up after accepting the challenge.

Paul may not have the highest score on the list, but he certainly has a natural talent for combat sports given he has been signed up by leading wrestling promotion WWE. He has put on a series of electric performances in the sport including at Wrestlemania and the Crown Jewel pay-per-view, and he has since even teased a UFC appearance.

'TNT' has had a varied career given his extensive background in the sport as part of the famous Fury fighting dynasty alongside brother and heavyweight champion Tyson. He began his professional stretch moving to 8-0 in the ranks as he started to make his move towards a domestic title shot with a great deal of pressure on his shoulders.

And this only heightened after he found new fame on reality dating series Love Island, which saw him unlock potential fights in a new age of influencer boxing. Fury recently secured a mega-money showdown with rival Jake Paul, which saw a hugely successful event end in his split decision win to move to nine wins.

It is likely he will continue in the influencer ranks while the financial reward remains on the table, which includes his first fight against KSI before a potential second showdown with Paul. He has even suggested he would be open to a shot at Paul's brother Logan and even an exhibition with Mayweather before returning to the traditional route.

Fury has had a vast amount of attempts taking on the famous punch machine alongside some sporting greats including Eddie Hall and WBC heavyweight king Tyson. He first scored a total of 947 on the machine in his brother's Morecambe gym as the pair trained together for fights, with his brother scoring way higher given his significant size advantage.

In a first jibe at bitter rival Paul, Fury decided to begin his first antics by sticking a cutout of the 'Problem Child' on the ball which he jabbed with serious venom. He managed to score almost 600 with just a jab which he used as ammunition to trash talk the American, suggesting he was holding back his biggest power.

In his most recent attempt, Fury elected to use the familiar tactic of sticking rival KSI's face to the punchbag at the launch of a new flavour of his brother's energy drink. It clocked up a superb score of 942 which was just five away from his previous highest score.

Another examination of his punching power came in a contest with strongman Hall, with the pair taking part in a workout for the latter's YouTube channel. He first slapped the machine, but when taking it seriously Fury clattered a right hook into the machine and scored a monstrous 882.

Unsurprisingly given his history in the sport and vast experience in comparison to his rivals, Fury hit the highest score while in his brother's gym during a workout of 947. KSI then came second in the list which is again not too much of a shock given he beat Paul, clocking up an impressive 943 on his Sidemen shoot.

Paul led the end of the pack with a 907 which ultimately bust his hand, but he did manage to beat KSI in their original one-on-one battle on DAZN against the machine. Although not always an accurate barometer of exactly how hard they can punch, Fury has taken the pole position which would be what would be expected between the three boxers.

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