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Milwaukee MX4 Rotary Hammer Drill Bits

Jun 30, 2023Jun 30, 2023

Milwaukee released its MX4 Rotary Hammer Bits that come in both SDS-Plus and SDS-Max formats. These bits feature a 4-cutter solid carbide head to drill through the toughest, rebar-reinforced concrete.

Milwaukee tells us that the MX4 bits have the goods to last 5x longer in concrete with rebar. Milwaukee tweaked the design to feature a solid carbide 4-cutter head with a rebar guard. The bits also have sharp centering tips that give you exact spot drilling in both concrete and metal decking.

This head design helps prevent lock-up in rebar, reducing downtime.

Further, the MX4 bits feature variable flutes that remove dust faster while reducing heat. We’ve seen this feature work very effectively in some of the best drill bits we’ve used. Milwaukee claims it also helps extend your rotary hammer’s battery charge by up to 20%.

The Milwaukee MX4 bits meet ANSI requirements and feature a wear mark indicator to show when that is no longer the case.

The Milwaukee MX4 4-Cutter rotary hammer drill bits come in both SDS-Plus and SDS-Max “flavors”. The SDS-Plus models range in diameters from 5/32″ to 1-1/4″. The SDS-Max models range between 3/8″ to 2″. You can pick up these bits for anywhere between $13.99 to $48.99.